Junkyard Anniversary Bundle #2!

Bundle 1 can be found here!

No junkyard is complete without a horde of old cars, and this rusty addition will finish off your collection!

Advertise for your junkyard with this salvageable Billboard!

Not all cars are the same, and you’ll soon discover that when this latest model is dragged onto your pile of scrapped vehicles!

One man’s garbage, is another man’s treasure!  These gas pumps with a little refurbishment will surely sparkle in your private retro garage!

Is your yard overflowing with rubbish?  If it is, you can store some of your extra items and scrap metal in this Dumpster Storage Container!

After a long day working in the junkyard, you might find some stress relief by kicking around a few bags of trash!

Also in this week’s Junkyard Anniversary Membership Bundle is an Enchantment: Tire Fire – 1 Star!

Happy 16th Anniversary!