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VFK Space Competition Room Entry Closes!

Entry for the Space Room Competition has closed! Good luck to all of the participants! Watch the Event Calendar for upcoming Spacetastic Items to incorporate into your galactic creation! Judging begins on Friday, May 3rd, 2024. Check the Event Calendar for your local times! Please make sure to read and follow all directions. In the

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Spacetastic Puzzle Lamps!

Sometimes you need a little extra light on your Space Station, and these spacetastic puzzle lamps won’t disappoint! Play a Word Search Puzzle or Crossword Puzzle to try and win one of the NEW Spacetastic Puzzle Lamps! Good luck! Zorp!

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New Prizes Arrive in the Space Missions: Broken Door!

Watch out, this broken door might just shock you; it’s still connected to the ship’s power and sparks when you least expect it! To send of a Space Mission, bring your Mysterious Space Bottle to be scanned by Miss Solaria’s Destiny Lamp at the Galactic Trading Post! Zorp!

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