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COMING SATURDAY: Epic Ages Desktop Client Version 0.9.10!

Coming this Saturday, June 26th; is an exciting new update to the Epic Ages Desktop Client! Thanks to all of the amazing feedback, here are a few of the updates that are going to be part of the next Epic Ages Client release! Ability to take snapshots of gameplay. Gallery Icon will appear once a

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Thanks to the help from everyone in VFK, the ice creams have been collected up and kept frozen!  After days of trekking and trampling through the underbrush after the squirrels, the trucks were discovered in Western Age; and in salvageable condition! The Ice Cream Trucks have since been transported to Retro Age for a complete

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Anniversary Challenges Arrive!

The Anniversary Challenges have arrived! If you complete all of the challenges, you will receive a pair of Anniversarytastic Sheepie Pajamas! After completing Challenges 1-3, you will receive the Anniversary Sheep Poster! After completing Challenges 1-7, you will receive the Anniversary Sheep Plush Chair! After completing Challenges 1-10, you will receive the Anniversary Sheep Pajamas!

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