Halloween Haunted Mansion Kitty!

This energetic, fluffy little black Pumpkin Kitty has taken the place of BenjiBones the Skeleton in the Victorian Haunted Mansion! If you succeed in spotting all 13 Ghosts in the Victorian Haunted Mansion, you will win this adorable little Haunted Mansion Pumpkin Kitty! Good luck!

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Seasonal Tombstones Return!

What could be more frightening than a stroll through a restless cemetery, with crumbling tombstones? A collection of Seasonal Tombstones have returned to the Halloween Shop in Victorian Age! Happy Halloween!

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Surprise BLITZ Host Hunts!

What will the restless spirits think up next? There will be Surprise BLITZ HOST Hunts throughout the last week of October for the Flickering 2021 Pumpkin Pin! The Surprise BLITZ Host Hunts will last between 15-20 minutes, beginning and ending at random times leading up to October 31st! Be on your guard! Happy Halloween!

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Zombies and Ghosts have escaped from Sleepy Hollow, and are wreaking havoc all across the kingdom! You won’t want to be caught by one of these spooky figures, especially the Zombies! To capture a Zombie or a Ghost, simply aim and click! Be on the lookout, those who master the art of Zombie and Ghost

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