Summer Puzzle Lamps!

Illuminate your Island getaway with these NEW Summer Puzzle Lamps! Play a Word Search Puzzle or a Crossword Puzzle to try and win one of the new Summertastic Puzzle Lamps! Happy Summer!

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Ultimate Lakeside Living Challenge!

Throughout the month of June, you’ll want to keep a close eye out for Lakeside Living Events! By July 8th, if you have collected up all the necessary items to complete your Lakeside Living Cabin, you will receive your very own Ultimate Lakeside Living Ensemble! Here is list of the required items that have arrived

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NEW Lake Area!

The Lake has arrived! Simply bring your Speed Boat to the water’s edge at the Bait and Tackle Shop in Retro Age, and you’ll exit out onto the great lake. Adventure awaits you at every island! Where will you throw your next secluded party? Keep a look out for the grand opening of the Bait

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Seasonal Sand Dollar Items Return!

The Seasonal Sand Dollar Category of the Inland Ocean Shop has returned! You can purchase exclusive sandtastic items with Sand Dollars, all summer long! New items are coming every week, you won’t want to miss a single shipment! In order to earn Sand Dollars, play any of your favorite games throughout the kingdom, including Solitaire.

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V.I.P. Pass

Enhance Your Epic Ages Experience!