Quake Renovation!
Stop by in Splashtastic!
Happy 15th Anniversary!

Sand Dollars Wash Away!

The Sand Dollars are washing away on Sunday, October 1st! Be sure to catch up on any Sand Dollar Micro Quests you may have missed! Don’t forget to check out the Sand Dollar section at the Inland Ocean Shop before the Sand Dollars wash away! Good luck!

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Halloween Candy Corn Currency Arrives!

The seasonal Candy Corn Currency has arrrived! Earn delicious Candy Corns by playing any of the many games throughout the kingdom such as; Audubon’s Wildlife Adventure, Fourth of July Fireworks, Checkers, Laser Tag, Space Pirates, Night Fighters, The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow and Waters of Life! Be on the look out for new and fun

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NEW Halloween Rides!

Just in time for Halloween, these enchanted Broom Rides are colorful, and fit in perfectly with any room! The NEW Halloween Broom Rides are compatible with Space Rides, buyable from the Galactic Trading Post. Along with the New Halloween Rides arriving, the Seasonal Halloween Rides have returned to the Halloween Shop! Happy Halloween!

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V.I.P. Pass

Enhance Your Epic Ages Experience!