Happy Winter!
Merry Christmas!

HOST Foxtastic Teleporter Challenge!

Venture into the frigid forest, and choose a teleporter to win a Foxtastic prize! Which prize will you win? The Fox Cape, or the Fox Poster? The Foxtastic Teleporter Challenges will be held on Saturday, January 21st, and Monday, January 23rd! Check the Event Calendar for your local times. Happy Winter!

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Winter Fox Plush Pattern!

Craft the cuddliest, and the cutest Winter Fox Plush you have ever seen! This little Fox Plush can be crafted out of Angora Bunny Yarn, and in four unique colors! The Winter Fox Plush Pattern is available to purchase with Gold Stamps at the Gold Stamp Store in Retro Age! Read the Tailoring Book in

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National Hug Day!

Today, January 21st is National Hug Day, and Rad and Nixie celebrate Hug Day in a big way! If you visit the Inland Ocean Shop and say “Happy Hug Day!” you will receive your very own, Happy Hug Day Tee-Shirt! Happy Hug Day!

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Ice Coins: Tents!

Camping in the winter can be tough, but with these NEW durable, all-weather tents, your next camping experience will be a breeze! Stop by the Icetastic Shop in Icetastic to check out the NEW Ice Coin Tents, available in the Ice Coin Category! Happy Winter!

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