Junkyard Anniversary Bundle #1!

There isn’t a situation you can’t handle, with this monkey wrench at your side!

Leave a reminder for yourself or your fellow junkyard friends, with this rusty sheet metal Chalkboard!

Not enough clutter in your junkyard?  Have no fear, this pile of wrecked car parts and tires will fill out every crevice!

Whose car could this have belonged to?  It doesn’t seem to matter anymore, it’s completely wrecked now and belongs to you!

You’ve got tires coming out of your ears, with this junkyard collection!

Did you lose your soccer ball, or your trusty metal can?  If you did, these kickable tires will take their place and lighten up your next boring day at the junkyard!

Also in this week’s Junkyard Anniversary Membership Bundle is an Enchantment: Tire Fire – 1 Star!

Happy 16th Anniversary!