Ultimate Lakeside Living Challenge!

Throughout the month of June, you’ll want to keep a close eye out for Lakeside Living Events!

By July 8th, if you have collected up all the necessary items to complete your Lakeside Living Cabin, you will receive your very own Ultimate Lakeside Living Ensemble!

Here is list of the required items that have arrived up to this point:

  1. Buzz’s new Sizzlin’ Burger Grill from Buzz’s Sizzlin’ Hot Burger Bananza
  2. Lakeside Living Fence Pieces, Available from the Victorian Mazes as of Friday, June 7th.
  3. Lakeside Living Loveseat and Chair from the Victorian Mazes as of Saturday, June 8th.
  4. Lakeside Living Canopy and Planters from the Colonial Hatch as of Thursday, June 13th.
  5. Lakeside Picnic Baskets, available from the Merfolk Treasure Chests as of Friday, June 21st.
  6. Lakeside Picnic Tables, available from the Tiki Tiki Treehouse Solitaire Game as of Saturday, June 22nd.
  7. Lakeside Fire Pit, craftable at the Crucile in Merlin’s as of Tuesday, June 25th.
  8. Lakeside Micro Cabin Collectible, available for 3 days between Tuesday, June 25th to Friday, June 28th.
  9. Lakeside Guestroom Blueprints, available from the Craft Shop in Medieval Age as of Friday, June 28th.
  10. Lakeside Terracotta Pots from the Colonial Barrels, available as of Thursday, June 27th.

Here is a list of all the items required:

Buzz’s Burger Grill
Lakeside Fence – 1×2
Lakeside Fence – 2×2
Lakeside Fence – 3×2
Lakeside Fence – 4×2
Lakeside Fence – 1×2 – Corner
Lakeside Living – Chair
Lakeside Living – Loveseat
Lake Umbrella
Lake Planter – I
Lake Planter – II
Lake Planter – III
Lake Picnic Basket – Brown
Lake Picnic Basket – Tan
Lake Picnic Table – White
Lake Picnic Table – Red
Lake Camp Fire
Tiny Lake House – Collectible
Lake Terracotta Potted Plant – Large
Lake Terracotta Potted Plant – Small
Lake Terracotta Planter – Large
Lake Terracotta Planter – Small

Once you’ve collected up all of the items above, place them in your Lakeside Campground Guestroom!

Then visit the Lakeside Dock in Retro Age, and click on the Ultimate Lakeside Challenge Board to redeem your Ultimate Lakeside Outfit!

Good luck!