Ultimate Lakeside Living Challenge!

Throughout the month of June, you’ll want to keep a close eye out for Lakeside Living Events!

By the end of June on the 30th, if you have collected up all the necessary items to complete your Lakeside Living Cabin, you will receive your very own Ultimate Lakeside Living Ensemble!

Here is list of the required items that have arrived up to this point:

  1. Buzz’s new Sizzlin’ Burger Grill from Buzz’s Sizzlin’ Hot Burger Bananza
  2. Lakeside Living Fence Pieces, Available from the Victorian Mazes as of Friday, June 7th.
  3. Lakeside Living Loveseat and Chair from the Victorian Mazes as of Saturday, June 8th.
  4. Lakeside Living Canopy and Planters from the Colonial Hatch as of Thursday, June 13th.

Keep an eye on the Event Calender!