15th Anniversary Celebration!

Anniversary Morning Surprise: Anniversary Cupcake Available in your Colonial Living Room!
Visit your login room and unwrap your Anniversary surprise for a bunch of Anniversary goodies!

Special 15th Anniversary Award Obtainable from the Garden!

If you joined VFK before May 2009, you can pick up an exclusive Tee-Shirt, Pin, Button Pin and Hat from the Garden!

15th Anniversary Cake Crusade!

Find the 15th Anniversary Cake somewhere in the kingdom to win today’s 15th Anniversary Surprise!

Anniversary Letter Hunt for the First 15th Anniversary Prize!

Can you find all 11 Anniversary letters hidden throughout the ages?
If you can find all the letters, you will be transported to a secret chamber where you can purchase your Golden Guestroom!

BLITZ COLLECTIBLE: Available for 30 Minutes!

A BLITZ Collectible, available only twice during the Anniversary at the Inland Ocean Shop, is this NEW Jungle Temple!

Anniversary Collection Arrives!

The most colorful Confetti Pack you’ve ever seen has arrived at the Gift Shoppe! Perfect for your next bright and cheerful party!

Whimzy Bubble Burst!

Bubbles have floated into the kingdom! If you come across a bubble drifting in the kingdom, click on it! The more bubbles you find, the more Bubbletastic Prizes you will receive!

Roller Rally!

Lace up your skates and head straight for the Roller Rink! Now is your chance to show off your Roller Skating moves and win a Whimzytastic Prize!

New Anniversary Cards!

Send your friends an Anniversary greeting with the NEW Anniversary Cards!

15th Anniversary Party Hats!

Party all day in these comfortable, colorful Anniversary Party Hats!

Anniversary Letter Hunt for the Second 15th Anniversary Prize!

If you see a hidden letter someplace in the kingdom, click on it to gather it up!
Once you’ve found all the letters, you will be transported to a secret chamber where you can purchase your Golden Glitter Enchantment!

NEW Heirloom Seed Package and Heritage Gardening Grower Badge!

Have you been diligently growing your Heirloom Plant?
If you have, you will be rewarded with this year’s Anniversary Plant, the Alpine Yellow Wonder Strawberry!

NEW VIP Anniversary Cakes Arrive!

Skip dinner and go straight to cake! These Anniversary Cakes are flavorful and perfect for every occasion, from Birthday Parties to everyday get-togethers!

NEW Anniversary Birthday Banners Arrive!

Confetti galore! These Anniversary Banners are vibrant, and match all decorations!

VFK_Mintie’s 15th Anniversary Maze!

Don’t miss VFK_Mintie’s 15th Anniversary Maze, taking place on May 22nd, and May 23rd for the NEW Confetti Elephant Plushies!

NEW Anniversary Word Search and Crossword Puzzle Lamps!

Solve a Word Search Puzzle or a Crossword Puzzle to win one of the NEW Anniversary Steam Powered Lamps!

Anniversary Firework Show at the Colonial Harbor in Colonial Age!

Celebrate the 22nd of May at the Colonial Harbor in Colonial Age, and watch a spectacular show of fireworks!

NEW VIP Feature Arrives!

A NEW VIP Feature has arrived! The ability to search the friends on your Friends List! To turn it off, click on the MENU button, followed by “Options”, and then “User Interface!”

15th AnNiVerSaRy StOneHEnGe CaKe PArTy!

Don’t miss the Anniversary Stonehenge Cake Party Events taking place over the Anniversary weekend!

Happy 15th Anniversary!