Thirteenth Annual Nutting-Party Begins!

Autumn brings many joys, but one beloved tradition that has stood the test of time is the Nutting-Party! Though nut gathering can be difficult, many things can happen to a nut before it is safely stashed away in your basket!

Nuts fall from the trees and often get covered by leaves, sink out of sight or get snatched by eager squirrels looking to expand their winter storage!

It takes a trained eye and fast reflexes to forage for nuts, that’s why experienced nut hunters often swap information on the best nutting spots. Nuts only lay on the ground for a short time, so you have to be quick to collect them!

Once your basket is full, you will receive an exclusive reward as a symbol of your excellent nutting ability!

Best of Luck and enjoy the Nutting-Party!

The Nutting-Party begins at 5:30 PM Pacific Time (8:30 PM Eastern Time), Friday, November 18th. All of the nuts can be found in Victorian Age, the Audubon Areas and Medieval Age!

Happy Thanksgiving!