Miss Claira’s Falling for Fall Week!

Miss Claira’s Falling for Fall Week has begun, and will last into the beginning of October!

There’s no end to the exciting Autumn activities Miss Claira has in store for us, starting with a brand new redecoration of Autumn Imports!

New Fall Maze Awards!

A burst of bright colors and eerie metals are what make these Fall Maze Awards unique to Miss Claira’s Fall Week!

Use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to navigate through the Victorian Mazes!

Autumn Imports Redecoration!

Immerse yourself in the rich colors and atmosphere of Autumn Imports and Main Street in Victorian Age! Miss Claira has out-done herself with the latest Fall decorations!

Miss Claira’s Hit the Trail Events!

Take out your Fall wardrobe and put on your favorite sweater; Miss Claira has planned out the week with events that will keep you on the move, and in the great outdoors!

Scavenge the kingdom for 22 Autumn Pumpkins during the Hit the Trail Events to win an exclusive plush Falling for Fall Gnome!

Falling for Fall Activities!

Creepy crawlers have also invaded the kingdom, and Miss Claira has some NEW Patterns and Appliques arriving on September 23rd!

To gather Gossamer Spiderwebs, hold a pair of Spider Scissors and a Baumwolltasche, then approach any spiderweb you encounter to clear it away!

There are also Surprise Gifts, an Heirloom Plant, as well as Esmeralda’s Halloween Shop opening on Saturday, September 24th! Don’t miss a moment of Miss Claira’s Autumn week!

Happy Halloween!