Nixie’s Surfin’ Sand Dollar Week!

Nixie has a lot of exciting things planned for us this week as we watch the final days of summer sail off, and it’s all about Sand Dollars!

From her NEW Driftwood Beach Cottage Challenge, to the oodles of Micro Quests and Sand Dollars; there’s no end to the fun!

Nixie’s Surprise!

Visit Nixie at the Inland Ocean Shop and say “Cowabunga!” to receive Nixie’s Hand Painted Driftwood Fish Painting!

Only available during Nixie’s Surfin’ Sand Dollar Week!

Nixie’s Driftwood Beach Cottage Challenge!

Would you like to help Nixie collect up enough Sand Dollars to purchase the NEW, authentic Beach Driftwood Cottage?

If you earn 100 Sand Dollars before Monday, September 19th, Nixie will chip in with the other 200 Sand Dollars to help pay for the Guestroom!
However, if you would prefer; you can purchase the Beach Driftwood Cottage right now from the Sand Dollar Section of the Inland Ocean Shop for 300 Sand Dollars (and any time after September 19th, until Sand Dollars wash away on October 1st!)

You can collect Sand Dollars through a variety of ways! By attending Nixie’s Sand Dollar Sprees, participating in Games throughout the kingdom or playing Sand Dollar Micro Quests!

When you complete this Challenge, the 100 Sand Dollars that have been earned will be removed from your total Sand Dollar amount.

Nixie’s Sand Dollar Spree!

Visit Nixie at the Inland Ocean Shop during Nixie’s Sand Dollar Sprees and collect your credits to receive bonus Sand Dollars!

Check the Event Calendar for your local times, Nixie’s Sand Dollar Sprees will be occurring throughout the week.

Daily Sand Dollar Surprises!

NEW Beachtastic items will be arriving daily during Nixie’s Surfin’ Sand Dollar Week! You won’t want to miss a single collection!

Daily Sand Dollar Micro Quests!

In case you need some extra help collecting up Sand Dollars, daily Micro Quests will be arriving beneath the Quest Manager!

Double Sand Dollars from the Games!

Games with Double Sand Dollars include: Audubon’s Wildlife Adventure, Fourth of July Fireworks, Checkers, Laser Tag, Space Pirates, Night Fighters, The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow, The Waters of Life and Solitaire!

Nixie’s Seashell Craft!

Help Nixie make her special Seashell Wind Chimes Craft by searching for Seashells in the kingdom!

Nixie’s Surfin’ Sand Dollar Week began on Monday, September 12th, and ends on Sunday, September 18th, followed by Miss Claira’s Falling for Fall Week! You won’t want to miss it!

Happy End of Summer!