Rad’s Yacht Week!

As the Summer comes to an end; Rad has planned some exciting parties to enjoy the last days of heat, sand and surfing!

If you participate in at least 4 Yacht parties during Rad’s Yacht Week, you will receive your very own Yachtastic Baseball Cap on September 12th!

Click on the Yacht at Autumn Imports to teleport there!

Deep Sea Swimming!

Cool off any sun burns under the water, and dive beneath the waves in search of a Yacht Couch set during Rad’s Deep Sea Swimming Events!

Be sure to check the Event Calendar for your local times, the Deep Sea Swimming Events will be taking place throughout the week!

Rad’s Collectible Yacht Cooler!

What could be more refreshing, than an ice cold soda straight from a cooler on the beach? Rad’s Yachtastic Cooler is designed to keep the contents within cold for hours without replacing the ice!

Check the Event Calendar for your local times, no day at the beach will be quite complete without one of these vibrant coolers!

Undersea Treasure Chests!

Build your very own Yacht with Rad’s latest Yacht Walls, available from the Undersea Treasure Chests in Merfolk Age!

Rad’s Yacht Week began on Monday, September 5th, and ends on Sunday, September 11th, followed by Nixie’s Surfin’ Sand Dollar Week! You won’t want to miss it!

Happy End of Summer!