Thanksgiving Decorations Appear in Victorian Age!

The Halloween Celebration will be coming to a conclusion, and Thanksgiving Decorations will appear in Victorian Age and throughout the kingdom on Tuesday, November 16th!

Check the Event Calendar for your local times!

The Events and Activities concluding on Tuesday, November 16th, include:

  • Pumpkin Patch Closes!
  • Haunted Mansion 13 Ghosts Vanish!
  • Esmeralda Closes the Halloween Shop!
  • Haunted Melodies Conclude!
  • Halloween Decorations Taken Down!
  • Autumn Comes to Victorian Age!
  • Trick or Treating Concludes!
  • Zombie Invasion Concludes!
  • Ultimate Trick or Treat Bucket Leaves Autumn Imports!
  • Gossamer Spider Webs Vanish!
  • Furni Exchange Closes!
  • Halloween Memberships Leave!

Happy Thanksgiving!