Ultimate Gardener’s Ensemble!

During the month of April, all sorts of Garden items will be arriving throughout the kingdom from various activities and events!

Here is a list of all the different Garden Items, and where you can obtain them over the upcoming weeks!

TIP: Learn the Skill Book – Gardening – Level I before April 18th, and prepare your Garden Beds to plant the Daisy Seeds when they arrive!

From the April Showers Events between April 13th, to April 18th

Gardening Potting Station
Gardening Shelf for Pots
Gardening Bag of Potting Soil

Ending: Sunday, April 18th

From the Colonial Barrels and Crates on April 13th – Only 6 Planters are required to receive the Gardener’s Outfit!

Raised Planter – Short – White
Raised Planter – Medium – White
Raised Planter – Tall – White
Raised Planter – Short – Dark Wood
Raised Planter – Medium – Dark Wood
Raised Planter – Tall – Dark Wood
Raised Planter – Short – Wood
Raised Planter – Medium – Wood
Raised Planter – Tall – Wood

Ending: Monday, May 10th

From the Colonial Hatch on April 17th!

Green House Cooling Fan

Ending: Wednesday, May 12th

From the Green House, arrived April 16th!

Brick Garden Pathway – 1×1 – Right Side
Brick Garden Pathway – 1×1 – Left Side
Brick Garden Pathway – 1×1 – Corner – II
Brick Garden Pathway – 2×2 – Corner
Brick Garden Pathway – 1×1 – Corner
Brick Garden Pathway – 2×2
Brick Garden Pathway – 1×2
Brick Garden Pathway – 1×1

From the April Showers Events between April 18th, to April 24th!

Gardening Watering Can
Gerbera Daisies Seeds (Needs to be planted and growing before April 26th)
Gardening Hanging Plant – Non-Tradable

Ending: Saturday, April 24th

From the Tiki Tiki Solitaire Game on April 24th – Non-Tradable!

Hedge Maze – Pink Flower Hedge – Butterfly Archway – Non-Tradable

Ending: Saturday, May 8th

From the Victorian Mazes in Victorian Age on April 23rd! – Non-Tradable

Aster Daisies Seeds – Non-Tradable (Needs to be planted and growing before April 26th)

Ending: Friday, May 7th

From the Host Events throughout the month of April! – Only 1 Teleporter is required to receive the Ultimate Gardener’s Outfit!

Flower Teleporter – Purple
Flower Teleporter – Yellow
Dirt Teleporter

Guestroom to put all of your Garden Items into!

Green House Guestroom (Craftable from the Green House Blueprints at the Blacksmith)
Summer Sun Hideaway (Buyable from the Land Office)

Once you have collected up all of your Garden Items, you will need to place them all in either your Green House Room, or Summer Sun Hideaway Room!

Here is an example of what your room could look like!

Remember, your Gerbera Daisies Seeds and Aster Daisies Seeds need to be planted before April 26th to receive the Ultimate Gardener’s Outfit!

If you have obtained all of these items, and placed them in either the Green House Room or Summer Sun Hideaway Room, visit the Green House on April 26th to receive the Ultimate Gardener’s Outfit! If you build your Ultimate Garden Collection in the Green House Room, you will receive an Ultimate Gardener’s Pin as a bonus!

Check the Event Calendar for your local times!

Good luck!