Alien Moon Rock Adventure!

Help save Zam! He is stuck in a moon cave and it’s up to you to rescue him!

After landing on the mysterious moon of planet Exo II, Zam ventured into a nearby chasm in search of rare crystals and ancient alien artifacts.

While excavating deep within the caverns, Zam was caught in a moon rock avalanche that destroyed his ship and buried him beneath a mountain of rubble, leaving him trapped and unable to escape.

Your scanner has picked up his distress call and you have traced it to the cave entrance!

Can you unbury and rescue Zam? Be careful not to get caught in the avalanche yourself!

Hold a Mining Axe, available from the Specials section of the Western Mercantile to dig through the moon rocks.

While you’re digging through the rocks, you could uncover many different alien treasures! Including:

  • Zam Meteor Chair
  • Zam Rug
  • Zam Name Tag
  • Moon Stone – Blue
  • Moon Stone – Red
  • Moon Stone – Black

Once you have made it to the end of the Moon Rock labyrinth, and uncover Zam from the rubble, you could win a:

  • Zam Space Suit
  • Space Ship – Antenna
  • Zam Poster

Check the Event Calendar for your local times!

Good luck!