VFK/Epic Ages Desktop Client for Mac, PC, ChromeOS, and Linux!

Start the new Epic Age of VFK with the all-new client you’ve been waiting for!

Through the magic of Epic Ages and VFK everything in-game is faster, with dramatic speed enhancements!

With a newly imagined user experience, logins are faster than ever before!

Supports multiple logins simultaneously, just like in the browser!

Updated memory management!

Supports immersive 3D experiences for the all-new Epic Ages 3D Adventures!

With this new VFK Client, there’s no reason to worry about Flash no longer being supported in the browser!

The NEW EpicAges/VFK Client is a full cross platform native client making it possible to install VFK on your Mac, PC, ChromeOS/Chromebook or Linux systems!

The adventures, friendships and everything you love about VFK now available at your fingertips on any desktop environment!

Download starting this coming Friday, November 20th, and live the all-new EpicAges/VFK experience!